Customer Service Technical Advisor


The job of a customer service technical advisor requires a wide range of skills. He/she shall work directly with clients via the phone or through email while their handpieces are being serviced. A customer service technical advisor works closely with technicians. Together, the service advisor and technicians ascertain the cause of the issue(s) that prompted a given customer's concern and work hand in hand to address and resolve those issues. Also, since technicians will often have more than one possible solution to a given problem, service advisors must be able to relay these options to the customer and select a course of action that will suit the customer's needs and situation.

Handpiece customer service technical advisors often handle the billing process once service has been completed on clients' instruments. They may also need to test handpieces before, during, or after service. They will answer any questions clients may have and help them select or decide on appropriate services or products. It may include offering products like new or refurbished handpieces, lubrication systems, lubricants, and services such as installing new glass/fiber optic, trade-in of new or refurbished handpieces, etc.

Sales and technical knowledge, excellent communication, and interpersonal skills are essential for customer service professional advisors. They are generally just required to have a basic technical background and prior work experience in the dental industry

Technical Service Advisor Tasks:

Resolve client complaints, provide service/repair quotes, collect POs for invoicing, complete required customer reports.
Work with other departments related to warranty, repair, and client relations.
Establish internal manufacturing assembly/test processes to repair faulty equipment. Provide customer service and discuss maintenance issues.
Ask customers questions and perform a visual inspection, testing, and or disassembly of handpieces to determine the cause of problems.
Explain to customers what type/s of repair or service their handpieces need and make cost estimates for the service/s recommended.
Track repair status and fill out reports detailing the repair/service and expense/s for parts.

Must be detail oriented and training will be provided to a qualified applicant.


Paid holidays. Paid time off. Medical/dental/vision benefits. 401K

Fax your resume to 702-248-2128 or email to info@handpiecesolutions.com


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