Bien Air Tornado High Speed Handpiece

Bien Air Tornado High Speed HandpieceCode : BA-Tornado


Price: $945.00

Product Description

The masterful engineering of the rotor´s micron-precise shape and configuration‚ coupled with optimal air pressure distribution and exhaust flow‚ warrant the TORNADO an unrivaled 30-watt power output. To contribute to an impeccable user experience‚ the turbine´s head is ergonomically compact and the sound level competitively low.
This exclusive technology is complemented with specially-designed ceramic ball bearings capable of handling the highest speed and heaviest loads‚ guaranteeing the TORNADO superior durability and resilience.

Product Features

  • Powerful with 30 watts of cutting power
  • Quiet - 55 dBa noise ratio
  • More reliable - 40% longer life
  • Smallest head in its class‚ with 12.22 mm‚ height 13.00mm
  • LED light
  • Up to 3 year warranty